What About Socialization

As you've probably heard from me before, I think one of the BENEFITS of homeschooling kids is the socialization aspect.  Most people throw out the question "but what about socialization" assuming that kids who are homeschooled are missing out on building relationships with other kids in the classroom and school setting.  

I see it as a benefit because homeschoolers are typically socialized with multiple age groups instead of just being peer dependent.  In other words, most homeschooled kids (at least the ones I know) have the ability to enjoy and hold an intelligent conversation with a wide age range of people - not just hang out with their friends all the time.  In our local homeschool support group, for instance, it's not all that uncommon to see a couple of teen girls sitting down for a piece of pizza with a 7 year old, a 2 year old and a grandma - with all of them talking together and very interested in what each person has to say.

That sounds to me a whole lot more like the real world than what I see in most other settings - in particular teen kids who, when confronted with someone outside their peer group have a tendency to drop their eyes and their vocabulary becomes limited to "uh huh" and "um" and "grunt".  I'm generalizing here but you know what I mean!

I found this site today that sent me over to another post on the topic by Dr. Laura who has some nice things to say about homeschooling as well.  Enjoy!

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