The Well Planned Day Planner - Ends July 6 2013

I was so excited when THIS came in the mail a few weeks ago!  The folks over at Home Educating Family Association (HEDUA) kindly sent one over for me to review.  I've been eyeing their planners for quite some time but since my daughters are grown, I really didn't need a homeschool planner anymore.

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Let me tell you now... I WISH I had this planner when we were schooling.  It would have been so very very helpful!  It's fabulous!

Inside the cover there is a spot for your current family photo as well as journaling prompts for noting your family's special memories for the year.  Opposite that is a spot for special dates (birthdays, etc) for each month (kind of a perpetual calendar idea)

There are pages for finances and special projects for the year and then, opposite the emergency numbers page, a tear out page for individual responsibilities for each child (3x5 card sized with chores on one side and school duties on the other).



I like this page where the teacher, a.k.a. MOM in most cases can plan out her school days.  It's nice to be flexible when you're homeschooling, but a basic schedule to start with is essential. I learned this the hard was for too many years!

Next come the student daily schedules including a spot for the child's picture and details.



Now it's time to work a month at a time. The monthly pages have nice large squares - needed for a busy family.  Each month is followed by...



Pages for that month's finances, book lists, field trips as well as tear out shopping lists on the opposite page.  Love this!



The week at a glance pages for that month follow.  Each week has a spot for priorities, menu and even has catechism questions and answers.  Those two bottom boxes on the right are Saturday/Sunday squares.



There are pages for attendance and grades...












As well as a cardstock weight report card for each student that you can tear out.





Throughout the planner there are some great homeschooling articles... all really good!


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