How To Start Your Own Business for Children and Teens

Starting a business without a road map is hard! The odds of your family or teenager succeeding in the business world are very slim unless you understand certain business concepts and can apply them to real-world situations. This DVD workshop will take you by the hand and guide you through the small business jungle. When you emerge from the other side, you will have a business idea with a working business plan and marketing plan that you can implement right away!

Here are just a few of the things your family will learn:

- Biblical principles of business

- Pros and cons of having your own business

- Generating business ideas

- Marketing a new business

- Crucial financial numbers for a new business

- Growing a new business

- Taking a new business on-line

- Generating a totally on-line business!

This eight-hour information-packed workshop includes four DVD’s and one CD-Rom which includes resources, a printable workbook for taking notes and even has reproducible pages to allow students to continue their business analysis for additional business ideas generated in the workshop.

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