Preschool Books

Start your little ones off with a lifetime love of learning simply by reading to them often every day.  Read a short story at breakfast time. Read another at lunch.  Read the same story every single time they go down for a nap for routine and fun.  Read a quick story when they get up and then read another one together as a family at dinner time.

End your preschooler's day by reading a lovely bedtime story right before lights out.  Your children will love to learn and love to read - and you'll love the time you have with them.

Don't be surprised in these preschool years if your little ones want to hear the same story over an over again. That's ok - just enjoy it and pick out good, rich literature for them to fix their minds on.  Introduce another story at lunch or breakfast so they'll get hooked on that one too.  Slowly you'll find that they'll be craving lots of great full books that go beyond "See Jane Run".

Read to them .... read to them... read to them!

Here are some of the favorites that we've had in our home for over 15 years now - and even though our girls are teenagers now they still enjoy reading them for fun and to the little ones that come for a visit.  These books will stand the test of time!

© Annette Yen 2013