General Homeschool Helps

Below are some of our favorite sites for homeschooling in general. 

Carole Joy Seid

When we started homeschooling we were so blessed to have attended a seminar put on by Homeschool expert Carole Joy Seid.  She became a friend and mentor - and paid consultant - to us throughout the next several years.

Her seminars are fabulous and really the main reason why we chose the route of relaxed homeschooling in the first place.  If you happen to be near a town where she is speaking anytime soon, beg, steal or borrow to get there. And if you can't make it to a live seminar, make sure you purchase one of her seminars on tape. 

She'll give you a great sense of freedom as you begin (and continue through) your homeschool journey.  I'd recommend her in a heartbeat!

Click HERE to visit Carole's webpage.

Cindy Rushton

Cindy's a great homeschool mom who has some fun and friendly resources for moms who are in the thick of homeschooling.  Her ebooks are nicely done and she's got some fun audio podcasts that we enjoy listening to from time to time.

Definitely a relaxed homeschooler, Cindy has walked the journey from the beginning with her oldest graduate ready to be married soon, I believe.  You'll enjoy her lighthearted style that helps you to see how doable homeschooling can be if you just live life with your kids.

Visit Cindy's website when you click here.

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